Custom B&W printing fees:

Process 35mm or 120 $28.50 per roll

Archival Quality Fiber Prints for Display

5 X 7 and smaller $20.50 each
8 X 10 $38.50 each
11 X 14 $95.00 each
16 X 20 $269.50 each

Flat Rate lab work $45.00 hour plus expenses three hour minimum
Normal turnaround time 7 days - faster turnaround available for additional fee.

All reasonable care will be taken with your film and prints,
but I am not responsible for any loss or damage.

Damaged film will be replaced with fresh film.

Darkroom & Photography lessons available @ $45.00 hr. + materials.
Camera rental w/ lessons $15.00 wk. additional.

Prices as of 1/1/18 subject to change without notice.
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